Friday, August 19, 2011

Korean Food in Banchetto

Banchetto used to be a weekly food trip for me. Originally, Banchetto (which means Feast) was located within a stone's throw away from where my office is. But due to some unexplainable event, the local government decided to move the Banchetto site to a more inconvenient one. So from then on, our weekly Friday feast ceased. Until...Ate Charrie happened. She was missing the food from Banchetto so she decided to reminisce out loud within my earshot. The deciding factor was when the guy next to me mentioned that there was a new Korean food stall right smack in the middle of the new Banchetto with authentic JapChaeng and Korean BBQ. Who can pass off a Korean food trip like that, right?

So me and two other friends decided to check out the Korean food stall in Banchetto. The stall is operated by two Korean girls. They offered JapChae(잡채) which is like Pancit, DokBokKi (떡볶이), lots of Korean ice cream popsicles (메로나), spicy chicken BBQ, Beef BBQ (kalbi?), Kimari, Kimchi and many more. Most notable for me was the Korean bread that had bean paste filling..I think it's called Soboro or maybe HoDuk, I am not sure. I researched for pictures online to match what I saw and this was the closest ones I could find:

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